Wednesday, January 6, 2010

who's afraid of the dark?

interestingly enough, this week owen started obsessing about "no lights" when he went to bed. for a couple straight nights he even cried about it! he has never had a nite lite before, and has always been fine...but something in him changed!
no big deal, we would just need to get a little light for the room! we were concerned though at what sparked this sudden fear of the dark, and then we got our development update from a site i love to use to learn about what they should be doing at their current age.
turns out many 2 yr olds need help taming fears!
it means he has a healthy and active imagination if he can conjure up stories to make him want light in the night!
all in all, o is right on target and a very happy little boy to have this cool new sphere nite lite in his room with him at night!

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