Saturday, January 9, 2010

the "renovated" dining room

so today was the promised "work day" from the hubs. i've been on him for this for months! we woke up normal time, and the poor man was harassed from that moment on! there was a lot of grief given to him about not starting until his coffee was's amazing how long you can sip a coffee before it disappears! by the time he was done, i had everything (but the tables) out of the room and half the old floor pulled out. at this point, he decided he needed help from someone who would go more at his pace. he enlisted his new buddy victor. victor, his wife silvia and myself had LOADS of fun harassing the poor man! we took pictures specifically showing how much he didn't work! lets begin here:
this is victor cutting the floors while joe was on a bathroom break...

this is just a shot of the new floor, though i'm sure joe is on some form of break here too...

here notice that joe is standing (a common theme) and watching victor work...

again, joe [standing] while victor works...

owen is even brought in on the action of working, joe is standing and watching him as well...

he was soo cute!!! (owen)

included in joe's handyman day:
bathroom break (multiple times), coffee break(multiple times), lunch break, "too full" from lunch break, i'm "too sore from working out yesterday" break, the plain old "i'm tired" break, etc.

then, i guess joe decided it was enough of the teasing, and he got to work!
as he was hanging the shelves, he drilled through his finger!
**note: the following picture could make for an ugly shot**
this is the drill with joe's blood all over it...

this is joe's bandaged finger.
doesn't look too bad now!

overall, the lesson learned:

disclaimer: obviously, i am still having fun with the hubs! he worked really hard and it took all day to finish the job(s)! he did drill his finger, but now i will always remember how hard he worked to make me happy! there is new flooring with molding, door hinges back on the walls & new shelves on the dining room wall for my organizing craft/office stuff!!!
i love it & i love him!!!
(also, much thanks to victor for helping all day)

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