Thursday, January 21, 2010

a new year brings NEW things!

i just noticed on my blog that i have been part of the blogging world for 1 year now! i have actually committed to doing something and followed through with it!!! yeah for me. as far as is it worth it, i'm not too sure. in one year of blogging, there have only been approximately 45 views. sad, isn't it?! i guess i am doing this more for me and joe, so we can remember things, then for anyone else!
as of recently:
poor little owen has really been quite the healthy little boy...until now! in the last month he has had his first double ear infection, an allergy to medicine, another ear infection, and now his first stomach bug!!!
to make things even more interesting, aiden was sick in the midst of all that too! (of course these were his firsts too, but he's not almost 3)
i am sorry for the lack of posting, but as you can see, i have been quite busy taking care of sicklings!
i actually will probably be slowing way down in the world of posting anyway, with surgery approaching (and then healing), but i will try to keep adding some things here and there. you will also be able to keep updated on my weight loss journey by following my other blog i have recently begun!

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