Wednesday, January 6, 2010

a new little game i like to call "confessions"...

i LOVE my husband!
he brings much joy and humor to my life (most days)!

the other day i discovered a game quite on accident! i started a conversation with him...
it was short, GREAT, and something like this:

me: half jokingly "honey, i'm mad at you!"
joe: in the same mannerism as me, "oh boy, what did i do now?"
me: "you tell me, what did you do that i would be mad at?"
joe: "i bought a candy bar (it was actually a healthy one, but he called it candy so we'll stick to the story) at walmart. i gave both mine away! i was starving, i had to eat something!!"
me: "well, that wasn't it, but is there anything else you'd like to tell me?"...

i probably shouldn't have wasted this game of something as small as these, because now that he knows how it's played, i don't know he'll fall for it agian!!! but it was quite a clever game and i will be trying again!!!

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