Tuesday, January 26, 2010


i can't believe i have been so distracted that i didn't even realize the time was so soon approaching for my FAVORITE TV SHOW!!!!! since the end of season 5, i was able to get joe completely addicted along with me! we watched it thru together while waiting the 6th and final season! one week from tonight, no matter how tired i am, i will be in the hospital watching the season premiere and probably peeing my pants with anticipation of what might happen next!
i have to say i'm disappointed that it's all coming to an end this year. i mean, i could keep watching it if they kept making it! i guess they want to end while it's still 'hot' and are probably also running out of ideas. how could there be more ideas than have already been laid out throughout the first 5 seasons?!
well, here's to the last year of LOST, may it be good and answer some questions or it will have many angry fans (myself included)!!! -from what i hear, it has answers, but not the ones we might want!!!

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