Friday, January 22, 2010

a lesson learned...

so a while back i wrote a blog about the boys well visits. remember that "well visits 12/09" post, when we had made a decision to vaccinate the boys for both flu and swine flu. then there was also the last post i wrote, about "a new year bringing new things". (it's almost as if i posted that one too soon) i have 2 words to follow up both those blogs:
never again because i will never again vaccinate them for either flu shot!!!! owen is almost 3 yrs old and never until this year (when he got the vaccines) was he sick. aiden, has also had it bad!
one month ago today we got the shots, and in that one month we have had:
  • a double ear infection (owen)
  • a continued ear infection (owen)
  • another double ear infection (adien)
  • a stomach bug (joe)
  • another stomach bug (owen)
  • yet another stomach bug (joe and aiden)
  • and still more stomach bug (owen again)
  • and now shooty duties from hell!
seriously!!! no, seriously?! one month!!! that's like 2 things/wk. and this is just as of last night, so there still might be some sharing to go on...
we have had several sick visits, and er trip, calls into the pediatricians office, etc. we just can't seem to shake this junk! just when i think we're clearing the bend, someone else throws up all over.
this is draining emotionally and physically on all of us. i have been to church only twice since, one of the times i had to do nursery b/c no one else was there! i have been trying to catch up on laundry (cause, not to toot my own horn but, we know joe will have enough just to feed the kids and keep them breathing without adding stuff like laundry to his plate).
i also think it couldn't have come at a worse time. i have been on the liquid pre-op diet for 7 days now, and already lack the energies needed to live normal life, but cleaning up after everyone and changing baby bedding several times a day is not working out too well. the last straw will be if i get it...
please pray with me that i stay strong (and that my friends mr lysol and ms bleech do their jobs), so that surg won't have to be postponed.

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  1. Hang in there, Kristy! I think it is that stage of life. When you have little ones in the house, it's so hard to have a 'healthy' winter!
    Last winter, we all had respiratory flu (w fevers) 3 times and stomach flu (both ways) 2 times (all in Jan - Feb). Micah was the only one who had the flu shot and he was by far the healthiest. That is not to say they work all the time, as you can testify! :-)
    A good friend of mine has a 7,5,4,and 2 year old. She believes that, when the kids are that close in age, you spend most of the winter sick, until the youngest child is about 4! Her husband is a pastor, so he can't skip church to let her go to church (when the kids are sick). Last year, she went to church twice between Thanksgiving and February, because of constant bouts of flu/sickness. :-( She says it is just that stage of life, but already it's getting better, since she only has 1 child under age 4 now!. . . so there is a little hope!
    I can't imagine what you're going through, esp w dealing w your new diet while trying to manage w all the sickness. Hang in there!!
    Praying for you!