Monday, January 4, 2010

groceries for a family of 4 on a budget

normally i am running thru the grocery store as if i were on that 90's game show, supermarket sweep. remember that show? i literally make quick movements along the isles (only those i know i need something from)! no one is timing me, and in fact, i usually am childless (thanks to my loving husband) so i should be strolling at minimal speeds!!!!!

today was a different story...

i didn't sleep much last night, for several reasons we wont get into now, but this left me dragging today. i literally feel like i was in zombie mode. apparently this is a good thing at the grocery store!!! i walked so slowly and unable to focus on more than the thing at hand (literally! the thing in the hand at that moment). this helped me to be watchful and really make decesions on sales and not my normal "grab and go" momentum. i also hit the "managers specials" rack they always hide near the bathroom...i raided this thing as if they were handing food out for free!!!

normally, from the time i leave the house to the time i get takes about an hour. today i noticed the time on the drive in: 1:10pm. when loading the groceries from the cart to the car i also checked the time: 2:52!

by the time i got home i had doubled my normal shopping trip!! guess there's a price to pay for being frugal & money wise. it was soooo worth it!!!!!

i left the grocery store having spent just over $68, with a weeks worth of food for a family of 4!!!
plus extra sugar free drinks & snacks for my new diet!!! rounded up, that's about $10/day!
$10/day is $3.33/meal!
$3.33/meal is $.83/person!
looking at receipts, my total savings for today were just under the actual price that i paid, rolling in at about $61 (not including the wic items)!!!! that's almost 50% savings! totaling my count to about $129 worth of food + about $37 worth of wic items all for about $68. woo hoo!

is it obvious that i am SUPER PROUD of myself?!?

when i was a kid, every time we went on a bus trip with awana, we sang a chant at the end to show our appreciation to the bus driver. i was expecting to hear something along the lines of that, only changed for my situation, "super mom cheer! super mom cheer! yeeeeaaaahhh super mom!!". notice the "was expecting"... apparently not everyone is as excited about my savings as i am....

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