Saturday, January 2, 2010

each day has enough worries.....

so today we made our
3rd weekly trip downtown to the pediatricians office.

todays complaint:
a rash covering every inch of poor o's little body.

it is very hard to remember
to keep composure when there is something
(new) wrong with your child and you can't fix it!
everytime it has worked out okay,
and yet everytime i still get slightly frantic!

owen went to bed fine
and woke covered in this rash
(the pictures hardly do the rash justice,
but it gives an idea.
this was also post benadryl.)!

luckily the doctors have saturday morning hours!

luckily we were able to get in!

we found out that owen is
allergic to amoxicillin!

the rash=hives.

we were told to be grateful
that his tongue did not swell and/or
that he did not stop breathing thru the night.

grateful is far to little of a word
to express how we feel!!!

"jesus, we can not even begin to explain our gratitude for your blessings!
you rain down grace, though it's is so undeserved...
thank you for being the great doctor and knowing your creation,
and for keeping him protected by your mighty hand through the night!
we thank you for health insurance that pays for his visits & meds
and for the knowledge you share with his doctors!
we thank you for revealing this to us so we don't give it to him again!
forgive us for not trusting in you or thanking you,
until something GREAT happens.
help us to ALWAYS praise your name!!

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