Thursday, December 30, 2010

sNoW dAy!!!

reflecting on this snow day, makes me think about how much we "spoil" things as adults! maybe you don't, but i definitely do. i enjoy the snow for a simple reason - it makes things look new! it "covers a multitude of sins" so to speak, that is when you live in the city and the dirt and trash disappears for a bit with the snow coverings. it's refreshing and sometimes just what i need! granted, i also don't HAVE to drive in it anymore, so that makes it a lot easier to be okay with it! this snow, i found myself thinking about all the negatives of snow! :(
it probably started off sour when i HAD to go grocery shopping the morning of the storm. much unlike all the panics in the store, i was out of food! i wasn't there for milk & bread, or salt and kids needed to eat! it was busy and ppl were their normal "cut in front of you and stop completely so you had to wait" selves, but i got thru considerably quick...
until the time to check out. you know, there's always that one lane you just don't want to be in! i usually avoid a specific lady. she is kind, but she is old, and i've never seen anyone take their job so seriously! i mean, she takes everything she learned during training and applies it! this should be a good thing, but i always feel like i'm in a hurry at the grocery store. maybe by that point i'm thinking "i think i can, i think i can, i think i can", and than she derails me with her calm slow mannerism. good for her for not letting nuts like me stress her out! anyway, this day lines wrapped from the bakery to the registers so i just jumped in one that looked like it would move the fastest. i'm sure we're all familiar with this move and i'm also sure i sat in line for an hour! i know i made joe late for church! ugh!
sour grocery shopping may have started the not like of this snow [or the sour shopper who did the shopping], but i let the attitude continue! it was cold and we all have colds...i had the stomach bug...salt is everywhere in my house...neighbors were not home or elderly so joe shoveled FOREVER (leaving me inside & sick with the boys)...neighbors are doing the "unthinkable" and taking our shoveled parking should be mad that it snowed when they cant get a free day off was a few days late for that white christmas look...
sadly, i could probably keep going, but i will not! looking at my attitude and then looking at the at the children on my block, my kids included, amazes me!
do you think my kids hesitated to go out and play for a second b/c they have colds? the kids sledding in the field across the street seem to have a care in the world that it's a scheduled holiday from school and they already had off...the lady at the grocery store didn't stress when pshcho's like me came thru her line (in fact i saw her patiently ask the gentleman in front of me to keep his arm away from the belt so she could move it over and over again -seriously? by he 5th time, i'm sure i'd been frustrated with the guy & have let him know it!!)
we often can and should learn lessons from the innocence of or kids! their love and non care for things would be a huge blessing to have as adults, instead of our warped and distorted view of life. don't get me wrong, i'm not saying we should all walk around like 2 year olds all the time (we through big enough fits without mimicking everything a child does), but instead take lessons on the good traits! really love others! have no fear to make friends! have no fear to ask questions! ENJOY things!
anyway, those are some of my thoughts on this past "first snow" day of the season!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

the cutest little gift idea

yesterday, we were the lucky recipients of the cutest little gifts! our friends from church sent joe home with the most delicious smelling candle (in fact, i've had it burning all day b/c it smells sooo good!) and a box of homemade cards. of course, you know that is right up my alley!!! i used to thoroughly enjoy making cards, but i must say i was never this good! it came complete with the most simple but beautiful wrapping too! i tried to take some close ups of the cards for you to see the detail that went into them -the time it must have taken to make them...
i am thankful for these gifts and i am thankful for these friends who are always encouraging and who are so giving of themselves and self-less thinkers!!
i hope to get to know them a lot more in 2011!!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

another thrift store win!

the hat
yeah for thrift stores!!
this week i went in with little hopes,
but i found not 1, but 2
pairs of maternity jeans for 50% off!
that makes both pairs $7 total!
i was just looking at jeans online and thinking,
"$35 for jeans? are they worth it?!?"
i was even going to fork out the dough,
just to have a good pair,
but now i have 2 pairs for a fraction of the price!

bonus: one pair is smaller than i thought i was!!
i also got a great little winter hat for $1.99
and a few little girl outfits for $.50 ea!!

i'd say this was a thrift store win!
(i'll try to add photos of some stuff later!)

Friday, December 17, 2010

creamy peanut butter fudge

here, peanut butter fudge, is the recipe.
this recipe is also super easy (and a repeat from last year)!
i forgot to take pix as i went along, but here is my end product!
this takes a little bit of time as you have to wait for it to reach certain temps then cool to certain temps later, but well worth it!
i don't have a candy thermometer, just a meat one, so we do some guessing as to when the temp is just right, but it always turns out great!
the fudge is super rich so i recomend splitting it between two 9x13" pans -i thought this last year and forgot for this year so i'll be making a note to do this on my recipe print out!

simply sensational truffles

here is another recipe from, this one for simply sensational truffles. again, a rather easy recipe for a great product in the end! i made these last year and liked them so much i made them again this year!! these would be perfect to take to a work gathering or party, and are likely to get lots of "oh's & ah's"!

baked potato soup - super easy & super yum!

thanks to, we had the most delicious soup for dinner the other night!!
here is some reheated [for breakfast, mind you].
i have been super fond of allrecipes lately, as they've given me many good recipes!
i will be trying to post a couple of my favorites...
here's one for you to try that's super easy & super yum!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

baby love

unfortunately, my camera wasn't out and ready for the moment i'm about to tell you about. so i missed "catching it in film", but i don't want to forget about the cute little story!

my belly has felt very different this time around! i feel like i feel EVERYTHING! the other pregnancies, i feel like you couldn't even tell i was pregnant until i was in the last month or so. this one is already obvious! we are about 17 wks now. earlier in the day o jumped onto me and landed straight on my belly -i wanted to cry! we had to have a little talk about how he couldn't do that, but especially when the baby is in there!

owen has been talking/asking lots about the baby. not "how did she get in there?" kinds, but still very inquisitive. he asks about where he was born, then proceeds to ask if we're africans! :) he's been clinging to a monkey joe and i had made for him when we were told he would have downs. we told him that the doctors have nothing on god! :) we like to tell him about when he and aiden were in my belly! we talk about the size of the baby now and how we can't hear her but she can hear us! we talk about how, even though we haven't met her we still REALLY love her and she also loves us! we ask his opinions on names, etc. some things just make him giggle. you can tell he can't wrap his mind around all of it yet, like when he asks "is the baby here, YET?!?" other things make him ask more questions...

last night, he approached me, hugged my belly ever so sweetly, and said "i love you baby!" i guess some things are being embedded into that ever growing brain of his!!

e-bay winnings

you can tell my heart has decided to believe the u/s tech who stated that baby #3 is a girl...
this is a picture of the fabrics i bid on and won from e-bay last night, the fabrics which will turn into baby #3's quilt!
i have made a blanket for each of my babies so far and they sleep with them BY CHOICE every night! i am hoping to use my new love for quilting to make the perfect blanket for baby #3!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

ornaments - 2010

every year we buy the boys an ornament, it is a tradition! my parents did it for me and now i have a collection of fond memories i hang on the tree each year, and so we do it or them so that they too will have a collection of their own fond memories someday.
i like to find ones that are just "totally them", or ones that played a huge part in their lives from that specific year. (ie: last year we found o a guitar one and we found aiden a moose. o was (still is) obsessed with guitars and 'moose' was aiden's nickname for a couple years so they fit perfectly.
this year i have been searching and searching...
today, we were in the store all together and o found a "woody" character. to say the least, that fit in with his life this year!! (he has been obsessed with toy story -playing the opening scene out in our living room floor not even excluding the drop of the barrel of monkeys). i thought it was super cute and so we got him "woody" and let aiden pick from the other characters. he chose the phone, which we have the toy of and he was even playing with this am!
these figures were in the section with all the other stocking stuffers, and for some reason, i assumed they were ornaments!
boy were the boys disappointed when we got home and they couldn't hang them on the tree!!!
luckily, while they took naps, i searched our toolbox for our picture hanging kit. don't we all have those? it had the perfect little eyelits (i think that's their technical term) and i screwed them right into the plastic of the toy figures.
viola! we have ourselves toy story 3 ornaments!!
i can't wait to have the boys hang them!!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sunday, December 12, 2010

cRaZy CrAviNgS!

one solid craving since the first week we knew about baby #3 has been lobster. i have probably had lobster once in my whole life before now, but somehow, that's all i've wanted. unfortunately for me, lobster is REALLY expensive! as you can imagine, i haven't had it too many times, but couldn't resist the BIG SALE i found at ALDI today! yum, lobster - it's whats for dinner!! with owen, it was meats & soft pretzels...with aiden it was fruits & salads...why can't this be easy and cheap-ish like those?!?

since we've been back from rwanda, i also cant get enough salt & vinegar chips, which i don't even like the smell of while not preggo, and pickles. just for clarification, not together!! at first, i thought we had so much "sweet" in rwanda that my body was just trying to compensate...then i thought for sure this MUST be a, i'm just plain unsure!
today i made a HUGE batch of pickles to keep me satisfied for a while, except they're supposed to be at best flavor 5 days later...think they'll make it?!?

*i also must add a disclaimer...i have been baking away making all kinds of treats for neighbors. several days of baking here, and i ate 1 cookie. actually, i even left the "crust" of that cookie!! that is very much unlike me!! i usually am drawn to sweets! they've always been a downfall of mine.

what is going on inside this body of mine?!?







jet lag with 2 [very active] toddlers

sometimes pictures are worth a thousand words...

sometimes they're worth many, many more!!!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

1 helpful tool in partnering

moving away from everyone and everything that you know
can definately be hard!
we asked missionaries who were new to the field,
"what is one thing that has made your transition easier?"
and can you imagine the response?
"snail mail!
letters from loved ones back home!!!"
we spoke with one family who said they get a letter
the same day
every week.
they didn't even know the sender well before they left,
but of course now, it's a dear & cherished friend!
sometimes they get a card signed by
the entire sunday school class the kids attended,
sometimes it's a short "i'm praying for you",
even recently it was a small package
to say happy birthday and merry christmas!

we want to challenge you,
our friends, family, and prayer network!
a challenge to practice communication!
send a short e-mail when you get our update,
write a quick hello!
tell us how we can pray for you!!
we LOVE hearing from you!!!!!

even in our short trip we felt we "lost communication"
with this world.
it was easy to be discouraged,
easy to feel forgotton and unloved.

we will do our best to keep communicating with you,
and pray and hope you do too!!
i'd even say, start practicing now!!!
joe says that is un-necessary since we're still here,
but who doesn't like to get snail mail
esp that isn't a bill, right?!?
also, if not with us because we're still here,
find someone else!
there are plenty of missionaries out there,
plenty of friends and family,
maybe your pastor,
who might just need an encouraging hello!

some of the beauty of rwanda