Tuesday, December 15, 2009

a trip to NYC

the haunting high of the day.
sadly, this is incredibly high for what the news said it felt like (12 degrees)

shot of times square

my handsome joe (with his ba-jillion dimples)

the line up of carriages

we tried to go into the m&m and the hershey factory (just for some minutes of warm...they were sooo crowded we could barely move! guess people like them some chocolates during the holidays)

i had hoped there would be something more to see from the world trade centers. i was there with school just a couple months after it happened. i wanted to see a memorial or new buildings or something. well, the new buildings were started, but nothing to see and the night shot was just not clear. we did pass this cross though, which was said to be found in the remnants. they have kept it all these years and will re-locate it to the new buildings when construction is finished!

navigator joe (he got the map, i had the bearings!)

we got ourselves a treat with dinner...everything cost more in NYC!
all i have to say is its a good thing we shared it-> it cost $9.50/slice!!! man, olive garden is rolling in the monies up there! (its also good i didn't know the cost first, b/c i def wouldn't have been able to eat it!)

another shot of times square

our horse and carriage ride! first ever!!!

after 5yrs, it looks like we still like each other!

the giant christmas lights

this was my attempt at an artistic shot...i wanted to contrast the empire state building (big building on left) and the statue of liberty (small on right)

fun shot

view of statue of liberty from top of the rock

view from top of the rock

this was an amazing painting we found in the rock. it says,
"mans ultimate destiny depends not on whether he can learn new lessons or make new discoveries and conquests, but on his acceptance of the lesson taught him close upon two thousand years ago"

the rock

the tree @ the rock

st patricks (joe was amazed by this church)

chestnuts officially roasting on an open fire

one of the amaingly expensive souvineer shops
(we paid $6 for a map to navigate)

us on the bus ride there

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