Sunday, December 20, 2009

real snow...the aiden version

cAn YoU eVeR bE cOmPlEtElY rEaDy FoR tHaT 1sT sNoW?!?
poor aiden is in target bags for boots. but it didn't stop him from having a good time! he loved sitting in the HUGE pile of snow and watching daddy shovel. he also walked around lots and made his first attempt at eating snow (don't worry i warned him about the yellow kind...)
while i feel bad for not having spent monies to get them both snow gear "just in case",
i also know that the snow would never had come if i did.
we are very lucky to have been given snow pants and to borrow coats from older cousins, so with those they are pretty close to ready!!
both boys have greatly enjoyed the snow days!!!

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