Tuesday, December 8, 2009

kinyarwanda greetings

as we are praying thru missions stuff, we have "happened upon" an opportunity in rwanda.  we are still praying thru/in contact with missions boards about the different possibilities, but i have seen joe grow very excited about this one.  we are pursuing more information on a couple specific places, but this has struck home with him.
one of the easy things to think about when we applied to kenya was that everyone speaks english there.  some also speak a local language of swahili, but there was no pressure to learn it fast.  some of the places we have been looking now not only don't speak english, but also speak more than one language.  we are unclear if learning the "known" language would even benefit us (ie: arabic, french, etc), or if we should just dive into the "unknown" language (ie: moru, kinyarwanda, etc.). even more daunting...we may have to do both!
while i feel like my brain can't even handle the things its already supposed to remember, i know that gods grace is sufficient even in learning languages.
while the 3 boys were busy this am (joe @ meeting, aiden napping, and owen playing trains), i found myself google-ing words in attempt to learn more about these places. i came upon this page with a kinyarwandan greeting. as you might have guessed, this is the official language in rwanda. owen and i giggled as we learned to great each other in a new tongue, that which i am realizing i already forget how to do...

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