Friday, December 4, 2009

hear/says from fall '09

owen, age 2 1/2:

  • pick sick gulls (popsicles)
  • filled with manners. often says "i want _____ me, mommy!" (fill in blank with appropiate words, ie: "i want bless you me, mommy!", or "i want you welcome me, mommy!")
  • oBsEsSed WiTh SpAnKs!!! though he doesn't get them often, i guess they have left an impression as whenever you begin to TALK to him about something, he chants "no spanks mommy" in a whiney voice!
  • every car is a "race car". he asks to watch cars, the movie, several times a day (no matter if he's already watched it that day)
  • he counts "1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10". yes, he skips the 5 everytime!!!
  • i asked him what he wanted to do when he grows up (after an episode of sesame street talking about it). he says he wants to "SING!!!" very enthusiasticly!
  • an overheard conversation with himself "where the moon? oh, there HE is!!"
  • shortly following the self moon convo, he gets my attention and asks, "mommy, can we get in car and DRIVE TO THE MOON? i LOVE the moon!!!!"
  • my personal favorite thus far, yum en times (clementines)

i am proud to also include in this post aiden, age 1:

  • a do do (peek a boo, copied after i said it)
  • says aww! when he is snuggling me!

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