Thursday, December 10, 2009

the dreaded sleep study

so this week i had my sleep study. if you're in daily contact with me, you most likely knew this was going to happen b/c i complained about it!!!
first of all, i don't know how they could use a one night study to determine anything about your sleep at all. you're in a new place, with all new noises and surroundings, etc.
second, HeLlO!?! how are you supposed to sleep with all those wires attached to you? and knowing you're being videoed!
and third, when you get there they ask what time you'd like to go to bed...then tell you what time you'll be waking up (b/c god forbid you sleep if you're actually asleep!).
i already knew the night was going to be hard. as i said, i didn't look forward to it at all! the nurse asked me at about 8 what time i wanted to go to bed. i was already bored with the tv, so my mind began to think about the hrs of sleep i could indulge in. i told her 9 30/10 would be good. she said "ok, i will have to wake you at 4 30 then". WHAT?! um, no thanks! we agree to an 11pm bedtime so i can wake at 6.
to top it off, i had a sinus infection. the pressure in my head was almost unbearable! then i realized something more was going on...i woke up shaking violently b/c i was so cold. i turned the heat up. next time i woke, i was soaked in sweat. i don't know if it was nerves or part of what my body was trying to fight, but i was so nauseated, i thought for sure i would be sick that night. the nurses were very polite and brought me in some sprite and pretzels (trying to ease my stomach). from the few sips i took, i then had to go to the bathroom 3 times.
all in all, in the seven hrs i was 'allowed' to sleep, i probably slept 3!
there were many things wrong with the whole situation! for example, everytime i moved something got unplugged. when something was unplugged the nurse had to come in and turn on the florescent lights to plug it back in. as you can see from the photos, there were wires everywhere! i had about 20 glued all over my hair, about 10 on my face, a few across and under my chest, and 4 on the legs. i also had 2 belts around my chest and an oxygen hose to measure my breathing, and lastly a oxygen counter on my finger (thats the technical term)! with all those attachments, what's the chance of unplugging with movement?! when i had to use the bathroom, the nurse had to come in, turn on the lights (again), and unplug me.
i dont know about you, but lights=awake time for me!!!
and convo=awake time for me (and i had a very kind but chatty nurse)!!!
i also have this thing where the hair has to be off my neck when i sleep, with things glued all over, i also could not accomplish this...
well, by the time i had to wake, i was so exhausted, that i came home and slept for 3 hrs. thank heaven for my paitent hubs who allowed this to happen. when i did wake, it was not b/c i wanted to, but b/c i needed to and those almost 3 hrs were the best sleep i had the whole night (even if it was on the sofa with the kids playing in background).
my favorite part of the whole night? ->the 6am wake up call over the intercom that asked, "how do you feel after your nights sleep?" (really?! was she video/sound monitoring the same room i was in?!?) i just let out a puff of sigh!
well, the nurse said she didn't see any of the signs for problems, but because of the lack of sleep i may need to return...
next time, if there ever is a next time, i'll be prepared with a couple of tylenol pm's to take off the edge!!!

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