Tuesday, December 29, 2009

christmas party with the kids

this year we had our first christmas party with the neighborhood kids! every year we talk about doing it, but then we run out of time and it just never happens, so we were very excited to put it into action this year! we ordered pizza, watched the grinch, and decorated cookies. joe actually ended up on an emergency care team case, so it ended up being just our friend susie from church and myslef and 11 kids (including ours). it gets chaotic and there are challenges sometimes, but all in all it is a good time!
it's always different in wintertime in the city! you go from hanging out on the stoops together to barely seeing each other. during the summer we have visitors almost daily and actually find ourselves struggling with saying no when the kids want to play games/hang out. during the winter you are only lucky enough to see your neighbors if its an out of season warm day or if you randomly exit/enter your houses at the same time. this time spent with the kids during winter was exceptionally fun for this reason!!!
we look forward to a new church location around spring 2010 where we will have 24/7 access to do nights like these with all of the fishtown/kensington communities (with extra help that is!) please pray with us for liberti fishtown as we seek out how
god can best use the building we will be meeting at! also pray for these kids in particular who live on our street. pray that there would be more people in their lives that rain love on them. pray that they would continue to want to hang out at the marlin house and that god would soften their hearts to himself as we try to clearly communicate of his for them.

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