Sunday, December 27, 2009

a 2 yr olds view of the doctor...

this week (as noted in a previous post) we had a well visit with our pediatrician. that was that and nothing more was said, until owen wasn't feeling well wednesday night. he walked around holding his ear and pretty much cuddled thru the evening, and then spent most of the night moaning and calling out for us (poor thing)! we knew what this meant ~> an ear infection was upon us! we called the pediatricians office the next morning and made an appt.
you never really know, as a parent, how much your child is absorbing until one of these moments come along. owen had lengthy conversations with me on the way downtown to the doctor! he told me all about seeing "dr. row" (he came up with this version of her name, so it's probably going to stick) and this was his perception:

owen: "we gonna see dr. row mommy?"
me: "i don't know baby, we'll see who they let us see!"
owen: "but dr. row hurt me mommy!"
me: "no she didn't silly! mommy was there! dr. row didn't hurt you! dr. row wouldn't hurt you!"
owen: insistantly "but she did hurt me!"
me: "what do you mean?" then it dawned on me...the shots! "oh, do you mean your boo boos on your arms?"
owen: "yes mommy, dr. row give me boo boos on my arm!"
me: "well, dr. row didn't give you those boo boos, the nurse did. those boo boos hurt, but they're to help you and keep you healthy!"
owen: "oh, sure mommy! but dr. row looks at my bum!"
me: "no she didn't silly!" now i'm almost sure he's loosing it!!!
owen: "yes mommy! she open my biaper and looks at my bum!"
me: remembering she did open his diaper quickly, i tried to re-assure him again "oh, well she's just checking to make sure everything is ok! that is her job! to make sure you are ok!"
owen: "ok mommy!" then after a pause "we gonna see dr. row?" as if to start the conversations all over again.....

funny what they pick up and gather from their little experiences! i never would have thought he'd get those things out of the visits, or remember them a few days later (ie: doctors name, that she opened his diaper to check things out, etc). he is growing up soo fast! too fast!!!

also, why does he remember her looking in the diaper? she checked his ears and eyes too. is this the beginning of him understanding those are his "private" parts? i guess this is a good reason why they schedule well visits yearly when they are old enough to remember the things like shots! hopefully by this time next year, he'll have forgiven the dr. and the nurse and will willingly walk into the doors of the office!!

lastly, we want to say sorry to "dr. row" that you get blamed for the bad things just because you're the doctor...guess it comes with the job description! don't worry, we will continue to try and set him straight!!!

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