Tuesday, December 29, 2009

christmas party with the kids

this year we had our first christmas party with the neighborhood kids! every year we talk about doing it, but then we run out of time and it just never happens, so we were very excited to put it into action this year! we ordered pizza, watched the grinch, and decorated cookies. joe actually ended up on an emergency care team case, so it ended up being just our friend susie from church and myslef and 11 kids (including ours). it gets chaotic and there are challenges sometimes, but all in all it is a good time!
it's always different in wintertime in the city! you go from hanging out on the stoops together to barely seeing each other. during the summer we have visitors almost daily and actually find ourselves struggling with saying no when the kids want to play games/hang out. during the winter you are only lucky enough to see your neighbors if its an out of season warm day or if you randomly exit/enter your houses at the same time. this time spent with the kids during winter was exceptionally fun for this reason!!!
we look forward to a new church location around spring 2010 where we will have 24/7 access to do nights like these with all of the fishtown/kensington communities (with extra help that is!) please pray with us for liberti fishtown as we seek out how
god can best use the building we will be meeting at! also pray for these kids in particular who live on our street. pray that there would be more people in their lives that rain love on them. pray that they would continue to want to hang out at the marlin house and that god would soften their hearts to himself as we try to clearly communicate of his for them.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

a 2 yr olds view of the doctor...

this week (as noted in a previous post) we had a well visit with our pediatrician. that was that and nothing more was said, until owen wasn't feeling well wednesday night. he walked around holding his ear and pretty much cuddled thru the evening, and then spent most of the night moaning and calling out for us (poor thing)! we knew what this meant ~> an ear infection was upon us! we called the pediatricians office the next morning and made an appt.
you never really know, as a parent, how much your child is absorbing until one of these moments come along. owen had lengthy conversations with me on the way downtown to the doctor! he told me all about seeing "dr. row" (he came up with this version of her name, so it's probably going to stick) and this was his perception:

owen: "we gonna see dr. row mommy?"
me: "i don't know baby, we'll see who they let us see!"
owen: "but dr. row hurt me mommy!"
me: "no she didn't silly! mommy was there! dr. row didn't hurt you! dr. row wouldn't hurt you!"
owen: insistantly "but she did hurt me!"
me: "what do you mean?" then it dawned on me...the shots! "oh, do you mean your boo boos on your arms?"
owen: "yes mommy, dr. row give me boo boos on my arm!"
me: "well, dr. row didn't give you those boo boos, the nurse did. those boo boos hurt, but they're to help you and keep you healthy!"
owen: "oh, sure mommy! but dr. row looks at my bum!"
me: "no she didn't silly!" now i'm almost sure he's loosing it!!!
owen: "yes mommy! she open my biaper and looks at my bum!"
me: remembering she did open his diaper quickly, i tried to re-assure him again "oh, well she's just checking to make sure everything is ok! that is her job! to make sure you are ok!"
owen: "ok mommy!" then after a pause "we gonna see dr. row?" as if to start the conversations all over again.....

funny what they pick up and gather from their little experiences! i never would have thought he'd get those things out of the visits, or remember them a few days later (ie: doctors name, that she opened his diaper to check things out, etc). he is growing up soo fast! too fast!!!

also, why does he remember her looking in the diaper? she checked his ears and eyes too. is this the beginning of him understanding those are his "private" parts? i guess this is a good reason why they schedule well visits yearly when they are old enough to remember the things like shots! hopefully by this time next year, he'll have forgiven the dr. and the nurse and will willingly walk into the doors of the office!!

lastly, we want to say sorry to "dr. row" that you get blamed for the bad things just because you're the doctor...guess it comes with the job description! don't worry, we will continue to try and set him straight!!!

happy feet

this past week our family sat down and watched happy feet together...
ever since, aiden has been 'dancing' in the same mannerism as mumble!
it's always fun to watch your children dance,
but it usually comes in the form of the head bob this young.
i have thoroughly enjoyed watching aiden and his happy feet!!!!
hope you do too...

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

well visits 12/09

today we had our well visits.
boys are growing "perfectly" as the pediatrician says.
owen is 3 feet 1 in. tall (50%) and weighs in at 33 lbs (75%).
aiden is 2 feet 8 in. tall (90%) and weighs in at 25 lbs (60%).
while aiden gained a couple lbs, aiden lost a few (expected with walking).
both boys got both seasonal flu shots and the h1n1 flu shots, which totaled owens shots to 1 nasal spray and 2 arm shots and aidens shots to 1 finger prick and 4 (yes 4) arm shots...
poor little guys!
we return in april for owens 3 year and aidens 15mos well visits
(and hopefully not a moment sooner!!!!)

cookie baking with owen

we are having a little party for our neighborhood friends so we have been prepping. today owen and i rolled out and cut about 50 cookies. they will be decorated at the party, but we wanted them ready ahead of time. we had a great time fluffing flour at each other and owen was awesome in the kitchen with the rolling pin and cookie cutters. i had previously thought that he was just too young for it this year
, but he proved me wrong!!! we had a blast and i'm really glad i ended up doing them while he was awake! keep looking for a post about the party!

some of my last few fav's from the big snow

chasing the birds

favorite pasttime ->eating the snow

all giggles

cute kids should not be allowed to wear cute hats b/c it makes the cuteness unbearable!!!

throwing snowballs

eating more snow...

aiden being tempted to eat the snow

the boys together

so while all of you may not enjoy yet another post of snow pictures of the boys...
i am loving them and want to remember them for a long time to come!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

real snow...the aiden version

cAn YoU eVeR bE cOmPlEtElY rEaDy FoR tHaT 1sT sNoW?!?
poor aiden is in target bags for boots. but it didn't stop him from having a good time! he loved sitting in the HUGE pile of snow and watching daddy shovel. he also walked around lots and made his first attempt at eating snow (don't worry i warned him about the yellow kind...)
while i feel bad for not having spent monies to get them both snow gear "just in case",
i also know that the snow would never had come if i did.
we are very lucky to have been given snow pants and to borrow coats from older cousins, so with those they are pretty close to ready!!
both boys have greatly enjoyed the snow days!!!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

holiday cookies

owen and i had the great privilege of having a holiday playdate this week past. a few of us mommies, who are friends, also all have toddlers, who are friends, so its double the fun! we decorated & ate little holiday cookies, watched a special holiday show and even got to chat a bit while the kiddos played. even though it can get crazy at times with that many kids, i especially enjoy these moments!

can't wait til next year when the kids are old enough to even roll out and 'cut' the cookies before decorating them!!!!

the first [real] snow of '09


this is just the beginning of what is to be a winter wonderland!!!
the expected amount of snow has been climbing since the prediction of the storm, with the latest being 12-20 inches.
owen has never seen this amount, nor do i think he remembers the bit we got last year, and aiden def has never even been in the snow, considering this time last year he was a tiny preemie...
we look forward to lots of fun and many more pictures, before the weekend is thru!!!