Saturday, November 28, 2009

the war of the door!

the ugly roots of sin
are there when we are born.
opposition is not something learned,
nor is selfishness.
wanting to do everything his brother CANNOT
and wanting to play with everything as if it were all his anyway
has sprung in owens' heart and actions!

if aiden wants the door closed,
owen wants it open...
if aiden wants a toy,
owen suddenly cant survive...
unless HE is playing with that exact toy in that exact moment!

here i was able to capture a war...
war of the door!
they pushed and pulled,
screeched and cried,
and pushed and pulled some more...

finally owen got bored, so aiden 'won'.
he closed it 99.9%...
then opened it again just because he could!

we have been working hard with owen to fight off these temptations. its hard to comprehend just how much he can understand, and i think we assume its less then he really does. don't get me wrong here, aiden is not perfect and sinless in these moments...but aiden is one and def not able to understand the level o can! it has been a rough couple of weeks here as we seek to teach o to love and be gentle with everyone, especially his little brother! we are deciding what verses to help him learn and teaching him the importance of what jesus thinks of his sins. they sure don't teach this in any parenting classes you take before they come...

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