Thursday, November 19, 2009

school days- Ll


so i confess that we have been pretty busy and lazy in the marlin house lately. school days were on hiatus b/c of christmas projects...but they didn't take long and we just haven't been doing much of anything as far as learning goes. today i was determined to do letter "Ll". after speaking with a friend early morn, i found out their house was battling some bad colds, except for their eldest, so we offered to take him a few hours to let them rest up. still determined i cut 2x the supplies for some lion masks!!! we had lots of fun learning about 'Ll". we even added a new thing ->praying for a country! we did our calender and sang/read about daniel and the "L"ions den. we talked about libya and prayed for them. we had a great time! the lion masks also occupied the attention of the toddlers most of the morning!!! thanks corban for coming to learn about "Ll" and we hope you had fun too!!!

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