Thursday, November 19, 2009

reason to NOT be my friend...

yes, that is a little mouse...
yes, it is in the crock pot in my sink...
no, i did not save it!

today as i sat at the comp to blog and check e-mail, i heard splashing of water in the kitchen. i thought the cat had finally figured out how to jump to the counter and wondered why he needed to drink from the sink and not his bowl. when i went in what i found was in fact-> the cat on the floor mysteriously looking about,
and a mouse in the crock pot that was soaking to be washed.
i am sorry if you love animals and thought i should have done something about this...but i didn't! this stubborn little mouse has been taunting me for months. it refuses to eat poison, though (s)he feasts on my kitchen nightly...and leaves its little mouse poo's EVERYWHERE!!! mice are territorial and i knew if i put it outside it would find its way back in.
what else could i do?!
(options ran thru my mind, but none that i'm willing to admit,
because that would only make you hate me more.)

so while i did not kill the little mouse, i also did not save it; and then i took a picture of it;
and now i'm blogging about it!
...that is one (or 3)reason(s) why you should NOT be my friend!
or should you?!

**for humanity sake, i will note that the first splash to the end was only about a minute...(s)he did not suffer long**

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