Saturday, October 31, 2009

some halloween fun

we had a great halloween evening!!!!! we went to a few of our neighbors who we know to say happy halloween, and then visited some of the people that we love from our church. a handful of them live on the same street so we thought it would be a good time for owen to experience a bit of trick or treating, yet still keep it managable by only going to a set few houses. at the leah/bethany/amy/someone else house owen was treated to "help himself". oh bethany, don't you know my owen?! he first took one smarties candy, but in the few minutes we chatted he got smart and loaded up a couple more handfuls for his pumpkin. we also saw our friends tara and alan and stopped by justin and christines, though they weren't home. after that we headed to our old neighbors new house, where they celebrated christopher with a birthday party. birthday parties for the mercado family are always exciting!!! we enjoyed seeing our old friends and the boys loved the snacks that were at eye level!! they also got pizza and juice boxes...and this was all after they had already eaten dinner at our house!! we came home with way too much candy though, and we didnt get a single trick or treater this year so we have that candy as well. so if you are craving something COME TO US FIRST - i am sure we have it!!! hope everyone had a happy and safe halloween!!

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