Friday, October 30, 2009

the opposite of please and thank you

it is a great feeling when someone ELSE tells you something great about your child! i have been receiving several comments lately about owen and his manners. he is usually filled with "good morning" and lots of "pwease" and "fank you" and "you melcome" endings. his favorite might just be "blesh you"!!! our house has been battling colds, and whether you cough or sneeze, owen usually follows up with a "blesh you, mommy!" his creative little mind has even begun to fake sneeze, in order to pass the phrase around! well, the other day i decided there needed to be a line, or we could have potentially spent the rest of our days saying bless you! i tried to explain that coughs dont need a bless you, but he could say it if he liked. i also explained that i would only be saying it to him, when he REAL sneezed! well, this came with a fight as you can only imagine. he continued to fake sneeze and cough, then whined after it "i want a blesh you me, mommy!" i told him again that i would bless him only if he really sneezed. don't you know a real one came along not too much later and he came running to me, almost screaming he was so excited, "mommy...mommy!!! i want a blesh you me pwease! blesh you me, pweeeeease!!!!" i did and of course it was followed with, "fank you mommy!! fank you and you melcome!!" ah, life when you're 2!

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