Saturday, October 31, 2009

ocd boy on snacking

the orange peels were spread around the plate....
then o got hold of them.
as you can see, they are perfectly aligned now!

some halloween fun

we had a great halloween evening!!!!! we went to a few of our neighbors who we know to say happy halloween, and then visited some of the people that we love from our church. a handful of them live on the same street so we thought it would be a good time for owen to experience a bit of trick or treating, yet still keep it managable by only going to a set few houses. at the leah/bethany/amy/someone else house owen was treated to "help himself". oh bethany, don't you know my owen?! he first took one smarties candy, but in the few minutes we chatted he got smart and loaded up a couple more handfuls for his pumpkin. we also saw our friends tara and alan and stopped by justin and christines, though they weren't home. after that we headed to our old neighbors new house, where they celebrated christopher with a birthday party. birthday parties for the mercado family are always exciting!!! we enjoyed seeing our old friends and the boys loved the snacks that were at eye level!! they also got pizza and juice boxes...and this was all after they had already eaten dinner at our house!! we came home with way too much candy though, and we didnt get a single trick or treater this year so we have that candy as well. so if you are craving something COME TO US FIRST - i am sure we have it!!! hope everyone had a happy and safe halloween!!


owen was so excited to finally get to wear his dinosaur costume, he could hardly sit still enough for a picture! he spent the early part of the morning running around and roaring, so then the latter part of the morning he spent snuggled up with daddy on the sofa! way cute. he was sooo excited that he ran into me a few times (rather hard). because i responded with 'ouch' he was sure to take off his head piece to say sorry, as owen, then put it back on to continue roaring and running about! (atleast his manners are still in there somewhere!!!) there were other times too that we asked him his name and he replied "dinosaur", but then took off his head piece again to say "now i owen marn!". i love my little man!!! (and my little dinosaur)

the cutest pumpkin you've ever seen

aiden doesn't seem thrilled to be wearing a costume, but i still cant get over how cute i think he is! he lets me put the costume on and get some pretty great shots, although if he were smiling they'd be loads better!!! we weren't going to dress aiden originally b/c we just know his personality...we happened to find this costume during a good will shopping trip and i thought it was free enough to not make him miserable! it was also only a couple bucks, so not the end of the world if he didn't love it. it has been freeing enough, as he's still getting around great! now if only the weather would clear up for us to get to 'trick or treat'!!!

Friday, October 30, 2009

the opposite of please and thank you

it is a great feeling when someone ELSE tells you something great about your child! i have been receiving several comments lately about owen and his manners. he is usually filled with "good morning" and lots of "pwease" and "fank you" and "you melcome" endings. his favorite might just be "blesh you"!!! our house has been battling colds, and whether you cough or sneeze, owen usually follows up with a "blesh you, mommy!" his creative little mind has even begun to fake sneeze, in order to pass the phrase around! well, the other day i decided there needed to be a line, or we could have potentially spent the rest of our days saying bless you! i tried to explain that coughs dont need a bless you, but he could say it if he liked. i also explained that i would only be saying it to him, when he REAL sneezed! well, this came with a fight as you can only imagine. he continued to fake sneeze and cough, then whined after it "i want a blesh you me, mommy!" i told him again that i would bless him only if he really sneezed. don't you know a real one came along not too much later and he came running to me, almost screaming he was so excited, "mommy...mommy!!! i want a blesh you me pwease! blesh you me, pweeeeease!!!!" i did and of course it was followed with, "fank you mommy!! fank you and you melcome!!" ah, life when you're 2!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

you know your baby is a toddler when...

you know your baby is a toddler when...

  • he's turning one
  • he's taking several steps ALONE
  • he plays with his toys instead of just chewing on them all the time
  • he plays with his brother
  • he's eager to please you (atleast until he gets closer to 2 when that fades away again)
  • he's wearing 18mos clothes
  • he can skip morning nap and it isn't the end of the world
  • he FINALLY is getting the signs you've been doing with him for almost a year now...and he begins to use them
  • he's much more happy and much less cranky (unless he's working on a new set of teeth)

can this really be?!?

"i want owen self!"

"i want owen self" is the way that owen tells us he wants to do something himself. he has been on a big "self" kick lately and by that i don't mean he kicks himself! everything he does first has to be attempted guessed it, himself! this was his first attempt at putting his shoes on, and he got it on the first try! ok, i know i shouldn't get overly excited here, it is velcro...but he has been trying everything, even when he doesn't want to! i am proud of him, whether 1 velcro or not!!!

back on the prayer train

not that we were ever off the prayer train...

(in fact, we have never been more frequent riders than lately!)
but we have found out that now
isn't good timing for adding new team members
to the world harvest mission kenya team.
we are sad, disappointed, and the likes of these,
but we have also found encouragement through our heavenly father!

"for i know the plans i have for you, plans for good and not for disaster,
to give you a future and a hope.
in those days when you pray, i will listen.
if you look for me wholeheartedly, you will find me!"
jeremiah 29:11-13

we dont know what this means for us,
or what our next step will be!
we are praying that we would deeply look for
gods desires and not look to our own selves
for guidance.
we are praying that we would listen wholeheartedly
and that we will respond with
faithful obedience,
where-ever and what-ever that looks like!
please pray with us.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

a clean plate

for the first time
in what feels like a year,
owen had a
clean plate at dinner!
he must have really
enjoyed it as well,
because the
entire time
he said to me...
"just one more
bite mommy!!!"

wordless wednesdays 10/28

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

wordless wednesdays 10/21

the boys caught being giggle buddies!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

school days- ?!?

today for "school days" owen and i decorated a sign for aidens upcoming birthday. owen did a fantastic job coloring in the balloons and was sad when we finished. we may have to work on it more in the next couple of weeks (before the big day). we also will be spending lots of time on some projects for christmas gifts, which we wont be blogging about until after the holidays. be looking out for school days blogs still, just not as frequent!

o.c.d. boy continues...

another now and then

still dont feel
like it does justice,
but here are
the now and then

Friday, October 16, 2009

our new project

our new project is to hang owens artwork in the dining room.
he LOVES it!!!
he noticed in the first 1/2 second that HIS work was hanging!
stay tuned for a full wall... & then!

now, 1 year old

then, 1 week old


already it's easy for me to forget the circumstance that brought aiden into this world 5 wks early, almost a year ago! it was a scary day, even a scary week.
earlier in the week i had begun feeling itchy and super tired...more tired than a pregnant woman chasing a toddler should be (we're talking sleeping all day and night!!!). i didn't think anything of it -it was winter and i assumed i was dried out. then i had lunch with a neighbor and she encouraged me to google the symptoms. she said, "you never know with pregnancies"! i went home and googled, and FREAKED OUT!!
there were 3 main reasons for itching during pregnancy, all of which could result in still birth! that was enough for me and we called the doc and had an 'emergency office visit' the next morning.
of course i got the doc i liked least, doesn't it always work that way?! she basically pushed aside the itch and said she thought i had gest. diabetes. i pushed! she finally agreed to test for the other disease along with the diabetes test. i could call the office 2 days later for results.
that fri morn i called and they wanted the doc to 'look at results and call me back'. that should have been my first clue! i spent the day with my mom in jersey. we hung out and rested lots. finally in the afternoon the doc called and said,
"you need to head to the er at the hosp! your liver levels are elevated! get there as soon as you can, we will meet you there!"
of course, at this point i was 1 1/2 hrs away. we, mom o and i, jumped into the car and started our journey. joe met us there. we had no idea the severity of what was going on. i thought i would get some meds and go home to rest.
we got to the er and the nurses were there and ready for us! it wasn't until then i learned. the nurse explained that liver function levels are normal at 20. mine were in the 800's. they had never seen such drastic #'s. nurses and doctors all across the board were frantic! no one knew what to do. finally they decided it was safest, for me and baby, if they delivered. i was the next operation.
we were very blessed to have aiden wilson join us that fri evening. he weighed in at 6lbs 4oz, 19 1/2in long. he was big, but he was skinny. every ounce of him was put towards his length! you could see every rib...his limbs looked like string beans. we dont have any pictures that express how little he was!
he also spent 7 days (i know only 7, we are lucky!) in NICU with respitory distress. he went thru stages of oxygen and finally he was able to breath on his own. our amazing little boy!!! thru this last year we expected to see some delays, but he has plowed thru and is HUGE. actually huge might be an understatement!!! (see next post for comparison shots from now and then!) also, all the problems that were happening went away as soon as he was delivered.
this week i was filing some papers and found the envelope the hospital gave us with all his 'stuff'. they included pictures they had sent to our room b/c he couldn't stay with us, his hosp bracelet, and lots of footprints, etc. i tried to show size of things with an everyday pen cap. hopefully it helps you know his size as i remember those first days. i will also have to try to do a now and then of his clothing sizes! :0)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

a new pair of scissors, a new day!

so you may not remember the last time we tried scissors...
BUT I DO!!! i just about lost a finger!!!!!
we found an excellent buy at the dollar store this week though:
kid friendly scissors.
(friendly for the adult helping the kid too!!!)

owen had a BLAST!!!

look at his concentration!!!

the finished product...

overall, he did EXCELLENT!!!
we will be practicing often now that i know my fingers aren't at stake...
and if you need a pair of scissors for your toddler,
check out dollar tree stores near you!