Friday, September 25, 2009

trouble's brewing

owen and aiden have begun to form their brotherly bond!!! often i watch them as they communicate, even without aiden verbalizing! they share toys and laugh with each other...surely there is no sweeter sound then the laughter of 2 little boys playing together!! these pictures were taken yesterday, and as fun as it is to see them play, my worries start as well. at 27 and 10 mos old, they have already begun to 'wrestle'. often this includes owen wanting to hold aiden and aiden wanting to be busy, but aiden def knows how to throw his weight around and has already exceeded his brother in strength (and i am sure in size all too soon). the third picture above is the beginning of a 3 or 4 foot crawl aiden made with owen attached to him (being drug along side)!!! amazing for a 10 mo old!!! the middle picture is just an awesome brother shot, and the first is the main reason for the title of this post!!! already they are learning ways to be boys, and i can already see the ways they will scare us and test us. at the ripe age of 10 mos, aiden is already figuring out how to climb on the back of owens bike. i dont need to stress quite yet as he didn't fully figure it out and owen hasn't really begun to ride the bike, but the day is coming!

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