Wednesday, September 2, 2009

is this really my baby?

i just cant seem to shake the feeling that the baby inside of him has disappeared! he's talking up a storm and can often make sense and there have been several shots recently (like this middle one) where he looks like he is losing all of his baby face. i cant get over how fast he has transitioned lately! he is 2 and tells me how he wants to go to school,he has full convo's with people, and is really connecting people and names etc. this is his attempt at jumping rope. i particularly enjoyed this morning as it was a not too hot morning we spent outside with our neighbors who are moving sat. owen will really miss 'woo-kas' and 'say-raa' and kayla who he calls 'baby', but not half as much as i will miss their mommy!!
i was also given an amazing snuggle time from owen this week (and those have been coming fewer and farther between). somewhere in there is my little boy who still needs his mommy! all you moms out there...HOW DO I SLOW IT DOWN?!

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  1. You can't slow it down . . . you just have to savor each moment. And blog about it, so when the wild frenzy is over, you can look back with fond memories. :-) I'm right there with ya, girl! Where does the time go?!?!