Wednesday, September 16, 2009

a HIDDEN haven

today we had a lovely trip to the philadelphia zoo!
we got many great pix (i will try to pick the best ones for another post),
but i wanted to share about a hidden haven we found.
it's near the small train the kids like to ride,
and though i've been to the zoo many times,
i don't remember ever seeing this little place tucked in with the trees.
it's a small house that the worker says has been there 8 yrs.
you go thru the doors and they give you a small cup of feed.
you go thru another set of doors and
hold your arm out and voi-la...
lands on you to eat the feed!!!
it was amazing and the birds were just so bright and perfect!
of course this is not ideal for everyone
(i can just picture my mom saying 'the birdie word'), but
this may be my new favorite exhibit!!!

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