Tuesday, September 15, 2009

the 'green' switch

in an effort to save monies, we finally made the switch to cloth diapers. though i don't think we will use them exclusively, i have so far been very impressed! the first time we used them was thru the night. NO LEAKS!! if you have ever considered cloth, you know there are many different brands and each has several styles...online cloth shopping is hard! i mainly chose the kushies brand (http://www.diapers.com/Product/ProductDetail.aspx?productId=6474) b/c they were the cheapest and covered a broad range of weight. that means one diaper size for both boys (22-45lbs), and we will only need to purchase infant size next time around (~>on a side note, these are big on aiden who is huge and 22lbs. i would assume he could have used the infant size longer then 22lbs). i also chose this diaper, the ultra all-in-one, b/c it is just that. velcro's on like a 'regular' diaper and is easily washed and dried with everyday laundry! cloth diapers have come a long way!!!
we have had several changes/washes & dries of the diapers already and i am so convinced i am going to purchase the rest needed tonight! i also did much searching of this specific diaper to get the best price. though diapers.com was not the cheapest place to buy them, they offer the free shipping which tallied the total cost to be less then any other sites. if you have considered cloth, i hope this helps your decesion.

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