Wednesday, September 30, 2009

good times at the philly zoo

everytime we have been to the zoo in the last year, i feel like we've had GREAT experiences!!! from the tigers rolling around in the water with a huge ball and the hippos 'making out' in the water to the polar bears swimming right in front of us and the orangutan cuddling with his blankie. this past monday was no exception! we saw peacocks up in a tree and had a blast brushing the goats for the first time (usually the boys get too tired before we make it to the childrens zoo). we were given a membership as a family christmas gift last year and can honestly say its been a blast to go on zoo day trips for free several times this year...we may just ask for it again!!!

a sleepover and a pillow fight...

on sunday night we had mora and tisha sleep over so we could watch them during their day off from school on monday. we had lots of fun playing and hanging out. we enjoyed a great breakfast at IHOP and then made our way to the zoo. when the little guys got too tired we returned home for lunch and somewhere along the way had a FABULOUS and fun pillow fight!!!
it was mostly aimed at joe (as he was trying to sleep), so that made it even more fun! owen and i love to work together to wake him up!!! all the kids franticly ran around trying to find a pillow they could use in their war.

wordless wednesdays 9/30

Friday, September 25, 2009

school days- Hh

horse, hat, happy, hot, hot dog, hamburger, high, harmonica, house, ha!, hal-le-lu, hannah's prayer, heaven
bible verse: "let the children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these." matt 19:14

trouble's brewing

owen and aiden have begun to form their brotherly bond!!! often i watch them as they communicate, even without aiden verbalizing! they share toys and laugh with each other...surely there is no sweeter sound then the laughter of 2 little boys playing together!! these pictures were taken yesterday, and as fun as it is to see them play, my worries start as well. at 27 and 10 mos old, they have already begun to 'wrestle'. often this includes owen wanting to hold aiden and aiden wanting to be busy, but aiden def knows how to throw his weight around and has already exceeded his brother in strength (and i am sure in size all too soon). the third picture above is the beginning of a 3 or 4 foot crawl aiden made with owen attached to him (being drug along side)!!! amazing for a 10 mo old!!! the middle picture is just an awesome brother shot, and the first is the main reason for the title of this post!!! already they are learning ways to be boys, and i can already see the ways they will scare us and test us. at the ripe age of 10 mos, aiden is already figuring out how to climb on the back of owens bike. i dont need to stress quite yet as he didn't fully figure it out and owen hasn't really begun to ride the bike, but the day is coming!

retreat in the mountains

school days- Gg

grapes, goliath, goat, green, guitar, george
bible verse: "it is not by sword or spear that the lord saves!" 1sam 17:47

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Monday, September 21, 2009

a heartattack and a bee

i have been tested lately, and i dont know why. my HUGE fear of bees seems to have grown and i have been face to face with them on an almost daily basis! a hive has kindly placed itself in between our house and the siding, and all too often a stray bee comes in through the kitchen ceiling. NOT A BIG FAN OF THIS!!! there are many things i am thinking about this...
1. why am i so afraid of bees?
2. how can i stop the fear from taking over?
3. how can i stop the bees from getting in?
4. why do i get paralyzed by them?
5. how does one get rid of a hive that is not sprayable?
6. how will i cope with the killer bees in kenya?
7. will i save my children or just myself from them?

okay, so i could go on, obviously! and #7 is more humerous, of course! but on a more serious note, HELP!!

maybe the fear is growning b/c i'm being faced with them so often...maybe its because i know i wont be able to kill the bees in kenya and dont know how to just 'ignore' them. last week for example, i was attempting to pack for a wk end retreat. within the morning hrs, 2 bees were in the kitchen. one was on the floor so joe got it and killed it. the second was near the window, as you can see in the picture. joe wasn't home so i sent texts and pictures to him begging and pleading for him to come save me! obviously, mtgs he was in took priority over my fear of bees, but i literally couldn't move for an hour. i had the fly swatter and kept getting close, but was afraid to miss and agitate the little fellow, so i would then run to the other side of the house. finally i saw my neighbor out and got her to come in and get it. within seconds it was gone. why do i not have the courage to do this? life went on and i continued on my way to the retreat. dont you know a bee got thrown into the window as we were driving along. THANK GOD I WAS NOT DRIVING!!! ->we would have died, i am sure! it landed on my chest and i swear i had a panic attack. i couldn't breathe. somehow w/o breathing (or moving even at all) i managed to start sobbing hysterically. really? how does a bee have this control over me? he fell into my lap somewhere and i was sure death had become me. again i pleaded with joe to help. what seemed like hours later (prob w/in the minute) he was able to pull over and i literally heaved myself out of the car. he wasnt on me and i didn't see him fly away, so i was sure he was in the car. joe, not too thrilled about my breakdown, checked and saw nothing, so he was eager to finish the ride. i was not so willing. i checked and immediately found the bee, and again broke down. he got it out and killed it for me.

so how do i overcome this? a grown woman should NOT be so hysterical over a bee. i have thought about hypnotism, but am not sure i even believe that works, let alone have the $ to spend on such a thing. what can i do? the only thing i can do is pray. sounds funny, i know! the great thing is, god even cares about my fear of bees!

"give all your worries and cares to god, for he cares about you." 1 peter 5:7

"don't be afraid, for i am with you. don't be discouraged, for i am your god. i will strengthen you and help you. i will hold you up with my victorious right hand." isaiah 41:10

so why blog about it? b/c i need your help too. please pray with and for me that i would feel gods strength and love when i fear ANYTHING! and that i wouldn't hold in the fears like i have been. also remember for yourself too, to cast all your worries to him, for he cares about you!!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

favorite 'manimal'

upon arriving at the zoo today, we asked owen if he had a favorite animal. he quickly replied, 'hippo!'. we hadn't discussed the animals or reminded him of which were at the zoo, but he knew his answer so well, it was like he knew what we were going to ask! we had great fun watching the hippos at the zoo and i thought i'd post a pic for the little guy! (i also love LOVE the pic, so its for me too!)
p.s. by dinner time tonight, his favorite had already changed!

fun w/ nature shots

alligator wrestler

wordless wednesdays 9/16

a HIDDEN haven

today we had a lovely trip to the philadelphia zoo!
we got many great pix (i will try to pick the best ones for another post),
but i wanted to share about a hidden haven we found.
it's near the small train the kids like to ride,
and though i've been to the zoo many times,
i don't remember ever seeing this little place tucked in with the trees.
it's a small house that the worker says has been there 8 yrs.
you go thru the doors and they give you a small cup of feed.
you go thru another set of doors and
hold your arm out and voi-la...
lands on you to eat the feed!!!
it was amazing and the birds were just so bright and perfect!
of course this is not ideal for everyone
(i can just picture my mom saying 'the birdie word'), but
this may be my new favorite exhibit!!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

the 'green' switch

in an effort to save monies, we finally made the switch to cloth diapers. though i don't think we will use them exclusively, i have so far been very impressed! the first time we used them was thru the night. NO LEAKS!! if you have ever considered cloth, you know there are many different brands and each has several cloth shopping is hard! i mainly chose the kushies brand ( b/c they were the cheapest and covered a broad range of weight. that means one diaper size for both boys (22-45lbs), and we will only need to purchase infant size next time around (~>on a side note, these are big on aiden who is huge and 22lbs. i would assume he could have used the infant size longer then 22lbs). i also chose this diaper, the ultra all-in-one, b/c it is just that. velcro's on like a 'regular' diaper and is easily washed and dried with everyday laundry! cloth diapers have come a long way!!!
we have had several changes/washes & dries of the diapers already and i am so convinced i am going to purchase the rest needed tonight! i also did much searching of this specific diaper to get the best price. though was not the cheapest place to buy them, they offer the free shipping which tallied the total cost to be less then any other sites. if you have considered cloth, i hope this helps your decesion.

school days- Ff

frog, flower, fish, feed five thousand, food, fruit, french fries, friends, flood, fly, fast
bible verse: "i am the bread of life, all those who come to me will never be hungry again!" john 6:35a