Saturday, August 29, 2009

potty time w/ a cookie thief

i've tried to talk about it lots, and we read stories about elmo going potty, and we even have practiecd the 'potty dance' we even bought pull-ups and decorated the potty...
often i ask owen if he has to potty and he (of course) says yes. we go running and strip him down, and nothing. i'm not worried about it yet, he is only 2 and i've heard its harder if you push it, so i am patiently waiting for him to be ready while making sure he knows about it and becomes familiar w/ it.
randomly last week he shouted, "i havva potty!" so joe ran him to the potty.
he actually went!!!
-most of it was on the floor around the potty, but he went and that's what is important!!! joe and i were thrilled, so much so that joe decided to give him a cookie. i am sure you can see where this is going!! a few minutes later owen came running to me crying..."daddy a my cookie, mommy, daddy A MY COOKIE!!"
that's right! daddy sure did eat his cookie. o just wasn't moving fast enough for daddy and so he ate it (i'm sure not expecting he'd be tattled on!). i replaced his cookie and all was well in the realm of o and cookies....
now if only he'd use the potty again!!!

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