Saturday, August 29, 2009

potty time w/ a cookie thief

i've tried to talk about it lots, and we read stories about elmo going potty, and we even have practiecd the 'potty dance' we even bought pull-ups and decorated the potty...
often i ask owen if he has to potty and he (of course) says yes. we go running and strip him down, and nothing. i'm not worried about it yet, he is only 2 and i've heard its harder if you push it, so i am patiently waiting for him to be ready while making sure he knows about it and becomes familiar w/ it.
randomly last week he shouted, "i havva potty!" so joe ran him to the potty.
he actually went!!!
-most of it was on the floor around the potty, but he went and that's what is important!!! joe and i were thrilled, so much so that joe decided to give him a cookie. i am sure you can see where this is going!! a few minutes later owen came running to me crying..."daddy a my cookie, mommy, daddy A MY COOKIE!!"
that's right! daddy sure did eat his cookie. o just wasn't moving fast enough for daddy and so he ate it (i'm sure not expecting he'd be tattled on!). i replaced his cookie and all was well in the realm of o and cookies....
now if only he'd use the potty again!!!

childrens bible

we have a few childrens bibles already and i have REALLY enoyed reading this one. i like that it has more than one page with a little rhyme on it for the stories they highlight. there are several pages each with a picture and i just think that is greatly helpful for a toddler. just thought i'd mention it in case anyone is looking for a childrens bible (maybe for their own child or a gift for someone elses)!
i mean, it must be great if i put REALLY in caps, right?!

school days -Bb

'ba ba bunny'

babies, bears, baby jesus, banana, bat, ball, bottle, block, black, blue, etc. today we didn't cut out the big 'B' as when we started owen got too excited and cut my fingertip...again with the patience thing ->pray cause i'm gonna need a lot of it!!! we wont have school tues as we'll be down the shore, but look for c shortly after thurs!


yesterday i got brave and we made a visit to the insectarium...owen had the most fabulous time!!! never did i think i'd be so brave as to stand in the same room with so many bugs at the same time (including bees), but they were mostly caged and i felt fairly comfortable! i was not pressured into touching any, and neither was owen, but daddy was the really brave one showing o it was okay to hold them. being deathly afraid of bees, i still think the most disturbing part was the LIVE COCKROACH KITCHEN, which is what welcomes you into the room on the first floor. anyway, pretty great place for kids and not too expensive for the fam. check it out!

"ice ring!"

interpreted into english...'ice ring' = ice cream!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

'daddy- bears sing!!'

today i taught owen a most valuable lesson...
joe has been in odd form for the last few days
doing this dance (or atleast that's what he calls it).
it's a mix of SOMETHING like a robot,
only with snake like arms instead of straight...
and a classic face, and...well, maybe that is what i should video!!
well, at dinner, when joe was dancing, owen shouted at him,
'stop that daddy, no dancing!!'
it wasn't enough for me so i taught him 2 words...
(that will prob come back to haunt me)
"it's embarassing!!"
here's to the one of many ways that he will be "bears sing'd" by his daddy:

wordless wednesdays 8/26

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

'school days'

i have decided to try to start a short curriculum in the mornings with owen (who seems to LOVE learning). t/th joe has school and we are left home with no car, so these are the days i will try to commit to. we will simply do a letter each day. read a story, sing a song, do a craft, practice cutting, bible story, snack, etc -all dealing with the specific letter of the day. having started today, i can see my patience is going to be HUGELY tested!!!! hopefully this will be a growing and learning time for both of us! and as always, any tips or reccomendations are greatly appreciated!!
check out some of todays 'Aa' things:

Saturday, August 22, 2009

owen is growing up, and i suppose the following is inevitable, but heart wrenching as well. today we were all in target together, getting some toiletries for the house. we stopped in to the cafe for a drink. at the end joe and owen went to throw some trash away, and i was putting chairs back to the tables from which we took them. i walked up to joe and he said "where is owen?". "he went with you!" i replied. "yea, but he said he was going to mommy". the two of us stood there dumbfounded for a split second...each of us thought the other had him...each of us not really expecting he went anywhere...
with him not in sight, we started racing around the snack shop, i ran outside into the pouring rain, we searched the checkout area, we started in opposite directions to scan the store...
any mom who has ever not known where their child was for any amount of time knows the feeling!!! i couldn't breathe!!! it felt like my heart had stopped!! i was so scared...
we were lucky and found him within a couple of minutes. never was i so happy (to see him) and mad (for his leaving) all in the same second!
here's to hoping my fear, anger, and sadness was conveyed well to him in at least one of the MANY convos (or spankings) that we had about his decision tonight!!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

full speed ahead

somehow aiden went from not crawling at all to full range of motions! within a couple of days he went from non crawl to full crawl ahead AND pull up on any and everything AND squat to stand positioning. he loves to make his way to the electronics and pull them off the shelves and has an un-distractable fascination with all the dvd's!

a FORTUNATE discovery

at least for aiden it was! oh the joy on this childs he discovered fruit loops! not on purpose b/c i certainly wouldn't want him to have discovered something so sweet and sugary (at least not yet). it was a product of owen leaving a little bowl of 'snack' within reach of little hands! lessons learned: if aiden tries hard enough, there is great reward...if owen forgets long enough, there is great loss

like father like sons...

what can i say besides the apple doesn't fall far from the tree! here you can see one of the many ways joe loves to torment his children (grab the feet as the try to go)...
as you can see his methods are very effective and affective as owen learns the rule of
"monkey see, monkey do"

the city of BROTHERLY love

wordless wednesdays 8/19


we are so indecisive, you would think this was a kid! please leave comments with any suggestions you might have (or your thoughts on names listed already)!!

names suggested so far...
black beauty

a nameless kitty

so we bought a paka yesterday!
those of you who know me, know i am not a paka fan...
but seeing the
paka play with the boys,
and seeing the boys love the
paka, i gave in.
paka = cat in swahili
and so far
we have only called him paka,
paka needs a name
or he will forever be called

Friday, August 7, 2009

my hiding place

PSALM 119:114-117A

today i experienced sadness like i have never felt i saw a broken-ness that i have become so hardened to, a broken-ness that i often ignore as i know it goes on around me. living in the city, i have seen more in 5 yrs than most people see their whole lives. i see a lost people who look to drugs, sex, and violence as an answer. i hear people brag about things they should absolutely not be proud of, and i see people neglect the things they should care for and be proud of. today we were dropping off some flyers for a big block party that is going on in kensington tomorrow. as we pulled to a red light in a very familiar area, thats when we heard it. bam...bam, bam, bam...bam, bam!!! not very loud...didn't even phase me initially. then i saw him. a young man running towards us shoving a gun into his pants. he was no more than 3 ft away from our open windows. sadness started to sink in. i knew then what the 'bams' were! i knew that just seconds ago that young man had shot several shots...but the smile on his was merely a second or two that i saw him as he ran past, but in that second i knew, it was ALL OVER HIS FACE ->pure joy. he had no concern for what he just did or whomever he shot. he had no concern about my babies in the backseat or any other 'innocent' people around that he could have hit by mistake. he didn't even seem to care that so many people could ID him if they were willing.
i literally could have reached out and touched him as he ran past my window...
i immediately checked the boys just in case and we called in the cops. sadly, my reaction was not that far from the gunmans...i had little concern for whom he could have hit or if they were alive or not. all i wanted was to come back to 'my hiding place'. my house where nothing has happened since the day we moved in and where neighbors care and where we are safe. things dont happen inside and i dont have to see the ugliness of drug addicts or corpses or the trickling affect that sin has on this place.
i have only one option if i dont want fear to come in and hope-lessness to take over...i talk to my abba father. in this psalms he reminds me that he is my hiding place. he challenges me to fight off the lies of the devil and continue to obey his commands. he commands me to love the widow and the orphan, and the least (james). the life that i live here, the safe-ness i feel i have achieved or the things i obtain ->that is not living. living is being with jesus, forever! the best part is, he is sooo not done with philly! he is the god of this city, and THERE IS NO ONE LIKE OUR GOD! his mere whisper has more power than every man, woman, child, and machine on earth combined. greater things are yet to come here!!!

lord, help me not to count my treasures in earthly safety/things. help me to seek your face when i fear and fight off the lies of the evil one. continue to soften my heart to the things that sadden/anger you and help me react accordingly. lord teach me to dwell WITH you as i serve YOUR KINGDOM and lord, if and only if its your will, keep my family safe. amen.