Wednesday, July 29, 2009

more from the photo shoot...

growing up

when you look at a baby,
the changes happen SOOOO fast!
little aiden will be
9 mos old
next week!
that's 3/4 of a year!!!
here's to remembering him this size...


every once in a while i try to do a photo shoot with the boys (i don't know why as i usually end up highly frustrated b/c they just want to play)...tonight was one of those nights. i have been wanting to do a creative pic of the boys, ie. hanging out in a flower pot maybe holding a flower, but all my ideas just seem too girly and lets face it, i dont wanna spend a lot on props that i may never use again. well, i improvised tonight with an ottoman we have. after taking about a million shots (and getting frustrated like i mentioned) i discovered i did get at least ONE great shot.

the NAKED cowboy

so we've all heard of
or seen
the 'naked cowboy'
that walks the streets of NY
playing his guitar...
well tonight he decided to
visit the marlins!
we were just goofing
while taking some pix
(and it was hot so
the boys were in pampers,
hence, the naked part)
and suddenly
owen stood on his little platform
playing his guitar!
i couldn't help but take the shot
->it was perfectly posed!!
(he's absolutely gonna hate me for this someday!!)

flowers for because

it's always nice to get flowers!
this particular day i even got a diet soda and a soft pretzel with the package!!
i heart my hubby!<3

my very own wordless wednesday!

'naked' aiden

milk mustache owen

Monday, July 27, 2009

"i want cheese"

with aiden growing closer to a crawl, i've been snapping away with the camera trying to catch it. this has been making owen a bit jealous! he latest trick is to squeeze between me (the camera) and aiden as you can see in the picture above. the cute part of it is he is always flashing a million dollar smile and saying "mommy, i want cheese!" hehe, sometimes i think i want to be 2 with no worries!!

he's gonna get ya!

new shoes

i never would have thought that new shoes would be as big as it has been. for some reason owen has this (probably unnatural) obsession with shoes. he wakes up and wants them on, he cries when we take them off, and if for some reason we dont put them on...we DEFINATELY hear about it!!! it has even grown to a level of everyone needing to wear them, not just himself. his latest obsession has been over the "flops" that is until yesterday. yesterday mommy took owen with her to target, one of her favorite stores b/c it is soo close. we were just picking up some necessities (diapers, baby food, and t.p.) but on our way to the baby section we browsed thru the shoes. mommy has been looking for new black dress shoes since owen was born and still has yet to find a pair she likes. owen, the talker AND shoe obsesser that he is, insisted we look for "mommy shoes then owen shoes". i smile and say sure. he hasn't owned a pair of sneaks since shortly before summer started, so what could it hurt. he fell in love...again and again and again!!! first was the "oar-nge sneekas" which mommy pulled a mommy veto for when i thought about bright orange sneaks w/ every outfit...then was the "ba-woo sneekas" which i wasn't thrilled about. we finally settled on a pair without a mommy or owen veto. he was estatic!!! we seriously ran around the house when we got home, all to show daddy how cool they were (he was so proud). today 'flops' were the farthest thing from his mind..he 'needed' to wear his "sneekas"!!!

'ba vuu'

owen has been learning how to spell his name lately! i don't think he gets the whole concept, but he has learned to recognize the letters by sight. he has even practiced enough, that he doesn't need the letters in front of him to tell you -> "ooo, ba vuu, eee, N'd"
i hope i can still hear his little voice chanting it triumphly (in my head) many years from now...

stuff formerly known as food...

that's right! what you see is what he gets...
aiden has started his way into the world of 'real' food! a nutri-grain bar and some chopped up blueberries were his first meal...
understandably so, this might be a surprise to some of you! thinking back on owen, he was already eating EVERYTHING by this point, but he was also just about walking! owen was always a step ahead that way. aiden is so close to crawling it hurts. well, not literally, but you would think so by the way he screams frustratingly at his inmobility. dont let the non-crawl fool you though...he definately gets around!!!
someday he will eat me out of house and home, but for now ->what was once known as food has become the mush that i clean from in between every nook and crany, and that's just from the baby!!! :0)

the contests...

my friend, the electic dabbler , has recently won a few contests she has entered including a bike and some shoes. i usually dont take the time to enter, but given the recent chain of good luck for her, i thought i would take a whirl at it. tonight i entered 3 more contests (in addition to the nbc one posted earlier), one for a huge basket of baby goodies, the second for a faith onesie, and lastly a wiggles dvd. i figured my end was easy...leave a comment and i would be automatically entered. why not?! hopefully she didn't enter the same ones.... :0)

Monday, July 20, 2009

i LOVE cuddling with my boys!!!

nbc10 philadelphia "shore shots"

i never enter anything, b/c i think the shot of winning is to slim...well, vacation for 2 down the shore was motivator for me!!! i entered this shot of o with his elmo kite. heres to hoping!!!

Friday, July 17, 2009

ready, set, GO!!!

am i ready for this all over again?! aiden is getting soooo close to full movement, its scary! already, just with rolling around, he's been into the movies and pulling dvd/vcr players off shelves, etc...what is it going to look like when NOTHING is stopping or slowing him down?! guess i'm going to have to be "baby proofing" all over again really soon!!!

praying for lily

every once in a while you hear one of those stories that just emotionally hits you! you know, the kind you can't shake. this is one of those stories...

meet lily. she is the 14mo old daughter of my cousins cousin. kinda confusing, but bear with me.

she recently was taken into the er b/c they thought she was dehydrated, but they quickly found out it was much more. apparently lily had gotten fifths disease and she became the 3rd case in the us EVER in which the disease attacked her heart. so sad! her parents were told today that they need to make a really tough decision by tomorrow morn. here is their msg:

we are asking everyone to pray at this moment for wisdom for Todd & I as we make the decision whether or not to put Lily on the heart transplant list. If we do and she gets a heart it could only last for 12-15 years. She will be in so much pain after her transplant and we don't know for sure how long it would last. If we let her go now she would be with Jesus in a perfect place and feel no more pain. We need to let the doctors know tomorrow morning what our decision is. Please pray all night through that we make a wise choice. The choice God would have us make. Please tell everyone you know to pray for us!

please pray for them with us!

Friday, July 3, 2009

aiden has been growing up so fast lately, and i dont want to come to a point one day when i forget how little and how special he is, so this one will be about him! he is super smiley, and very ticklish. he just started his stranger/anxiety stage...i can no longer put him down or leave a room without hearing about it! he wants to be moving, and he wants it bad. he can get up on all 4's in the mogli crawl for a few seconds...but still no permanent damage (i am holding my breath as i am sure he will be into more then his brother was). he has pretty much maintained in his weight, but is growing in length by inches each month! he's gonna have his daddys build! he is more 'normal' as far as eating goes. he is still on baby food and we just started introducing the tiny fruit and veggie bits/puffs that dissolve. he is completely different tempered than o was, but for the most part he is truely a joy!!! oh yea, one more thing. he has his 2 front teeth and seems to be working really hard to get the top 2 out as well.

beers n babes

a dad at our church came up with the idea......
it is a playgroup that is set during happy hour at night for the working moms and dads to get the same opportunities to meet other parents and watch their kids play/interact with others, etc that a stay at home parent would get...the combo of beer and the babes is something i only can imagine happening in philly!

daddy sleepovers

we were lucky enough to go on a vacation this year (as seen in an older post)! owen is not often used to seeing daddy around when he wakes up, so vacation was quite a surprise to him as daddy was there EVERYDAY! at some point on the trip owen made a comment about daddy sleeping over. i dont know where he got it from...maybe because there were two beds and we discussed who would sleep "over here" and who would sleep "over there"....
joe was also able to quit his night job recently, which again has daddy around most days in the am. how lucky are our little boys that daddy sleepovers are now part of their everyday life?! they may never even remember that these were such rare occasions!