Sunday, June 21, 2009

playdates with o

i always found it interesting, and in a way it gave me a sense of pride, that o was always the 'good' child on playdates or at playgroup (don't worry moms-i'm not saying your children are the bad ones). he didn't even flinch when a toy was taken from him, and he was very eager/willing to share anything he was playing with. overall, he just seemed happy to play! that is, until we hit those...
"terrible twos"

suddenly the side of him that we knew was in there, that sinful side,
comes ROARING out of him and he no longer knows how to share, or say
please/thank you! suddenly his vocab is limited. so limited that
i can count on less then one hand
the words that he knows.
"NO!" "MINE!" "BAD!"

even worse, actions follow the words. he hits, he bites, he stomps
his feet and throws himself to the floor...

i was pleased to have a playdate this week that, for the most part, went well!

disclaimer: i am not by any means saying 'beware' or 'dont have a playdate with us'! in fact, i propose the opposite! help me help him!!

lord, teach me to be patient in these times. give me wisdom in dealing with each situation and help me to teach him to be loving, kind, gentle, & joyous as well. i know you give me grace for each moment and that its sufficient, let me be reminded of this daily, and let me be a witness of your name to those who might see.

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