Sunday, June 14, 2009

june/july cute sayings

cute tidbits from owen for the months of june/july. i will try to keep updating as he continues to talk and share more!
  • elligator=elevator
  • na-na=banana. later in month it became "BA! (pause) na-na!"
  • "OH MAN!" when things dont go right
  • friends are always saying "hi owen", and o responds with "hi! owen!". in an effort to teach him, we started saying "hi friend" or "hi buddy"... his translation became "hi owen, buddy!"
  • "its duck mommy, pweese!" duck being stuck, and please meaning to un-stuck it
  • answers the (pretend) phone "hi-sa owen" which i believe translates to hi, its owen
  • brokus=broken
  • "bless you" when someone farted
  • every motorcycle becomes "pops cycle"
  • "OH MAN!" when things dont go as planned
  • everytime we sing a song (any song), it ends with, "yay, bible!"
  • got out of tub and when dry started to proclaim "my turn" b/c he wanted in again
  • hellicockter=helicopter

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