Sunday, June 14, 2009

"giant joe"

if you know us at all, you know that joe- though you have to love him, is one of the clumsiest people i know. the 'clumsys' come often and in many shapes, forms, and sizes. for example, i have never seen him have a cup of coffee (which he has OFTEN) that he didn't spill in some way-on the floor or on himself. often meals become additions to his clothing, and he is always stubbing his toes (on air)! i can just picture some of you reading this and giving a chuckle b/c you know exactly what i'm talking about. here you can see that he stumbled backwards right onto one of the sand castles that owen and i had just built. of course we can joke with and tease him about this in many diff ways (he was jealous of our castle property and wanted his built there...his castle wasn't going to be as cool as ours...he needs to learn how to get my drift), but the best for me was the angle from which i saw it happen! laying on the beach with aiden, joe just looked like a huge giant that had come to squash the castle. i made him re-pose so i could take a photo just to keep the memory vivid!

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