Wednesday, June 24, 2009

tHe BoOgiE mOnStEr


not a pleasant phase, but every kid goes thru it! nose pickers!! i have been working w/ o lately on the issue. the grossest part = eating them! (that which we may have actually accomplished the end of today, though i will not hold my breath or get excited about as it just brings us to the next issue of finding them randomly placed around the house). well, a couple days ago i was sitting on the sofa when o came running at me, you know that run he usually does for when he wants a hug/kiss. i should have known he was just repremanded for eating one! well he comes in close, as i prepare to get my snuggle on, and suddenly his finger is about an inch from my mouth w/ a giant, HUGE, neon green boogie on it...
joes explination, "welcome to raising boys!"

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