Wednesday, June 24, 2009

tHe BoOgiE mOnStEr


not a pleasant phase, but every kid goes thru it! nose pickers!! i have been working w/ o lately on the issue. the grossest part = eating them! (that which we may have actually accomplished the end of today, though i will not hold my breath or get excited about as it just brings us to the next issue of finding them randomly placed around the house). well, a couple days ago i was sitting on the sofa when o came running at me, you know that run he usually does for when he wants a hug/kiss. i should have known he was just repremanded for eating one! well he comes in close, as i prepare to get my snuggle on, and suddenly his finger is about an inch from my mouth w/ a giant, HUGE, neon green boogie on it...
joes explination, "welcome to raising boys!"

Sunday, June 21, 2009

playdates with o

i always found it interesting, and in a way it gave me a sense of pride, that o was always the 'good' child on playdates or at playgroup (don't worry moms-i'm not saying your children are the bad ones). he didn't even flinch when a toy was taken from him, and he was very eager/willing to share anything he was playing with. overall, he just seemed happy to play! that is, until we hit those...
"terrible twos"

suddenly the side of him that we knew was in there, that sinful side,
comes ROARING out of him and he no longer knows how to share, or say
please/thank you! suddenly his vocab is limited. so limited that
i can count on less then one hand
the words that he knows.
"NO!" "MINE!" "BAD!"

even worse, actions follow the words. he hits, he bites, he stomps
his feet and throws himself to the floor...

i was pleased to have a playdate this week that, for the most part, went well!

disclaimer: i am not by any means saying 'beware' or 'dont have a playdate with us'! in fact, i propose the opposite! help me help him!!

lord, teach me to be patient in these times. give me wisdom in dealing with each situation and help me to teach him to be loving, kind, gentle, & joyous as well. i know you give me grace for each moment and that its sufficient, let me be reminded of this daily, and let me be a witness of your name to those who might see.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

june/july cute sayings

cute tidbits from owen for the months of june/july. i will try to keep updating as he continues to talk and share more!
  • elligator=elevator
  • na-na=banana. later in month it became "BA! (pause) na-na!"
  • "OH MAN!" when things dont go right
  • friends are always saying "hi owen", and o responds with "hi! owen!". in an effort to teach him, we started saying "hi friend" or "hi buddy"... his translation became "hi owen, buddy!"
  • "its duck mommy, pweese!" duck being stuck, and please meaning to un-stuck it
  • answers the (pretend) phone "hi-sa owen" which i believe translates to hi, its owen
  • brokus=broken
  • "bless you" when someone farted
  • every motorcycle becomes "pops cycle"
  • "OH MAN!" when things dont go as planned
  • everytime we sing a song (any song), it ends with, "yay, bible!"
  • got out of tub and when dry started to proclaim "my turn" b/c he wanted in again
  • hellicockter=helicopter

"giant joe"

if you know us at all, you know that joe- though you have to love him, is one of the clumsiest people i know. the 'clumsys' come often and in many shapes, forms, and sizes. for example, i have never seen him have a cup of coffee (which he has OFTEN) that he didn't spill in some way-on the floor or on himself. often meals become additions to his clothing, and he is always stubbing his toes (on air)! i can just picture some of you reading this and giving a chuckle b/c you know exactly what i'm talking about. here you can see that he stumbled backwards right onto one of the sand castles that owen and i had just built. of course we can joke with and tease him about this in many diff ways (he was jealous of our castle property and wanted his built there...his castle wasn't going to be as cool as ours...he needs to learn how to get my drift), but the best for me was the angle from which i saw it happen! laying on the beach with aiden, joe just looked like a huge giant that had come to squash the castle. i made him re-pose so i could take a photo just to keep the memory vivid!

family vacation 2009

we had a lovely time down in the wildwoods for a "shore week" in june!

ring around the rosie

recently owen has been singing along with every song he hears! he doesn't know the songs, and often has never heard them before, but he sure catches on quickly! here is a picture of him while he sings and does the motions to 'ring around the rosie'

"a ring, a dosey,
a pocket, a rosie,
hashes hashes,
all DOWN!!"