Tuesday, January 20, 2009

my babies!!!

the jealous mr. owen quickly jolting in between the camera and his baby brother. he sure has quite the personality!!!

my 'eagles spirited' boys during the playoff season, even though we barely watched! somehow we got these 2 outfits that match and they fit the boys at the same time!!!

brotherly love! we have been really blessed by the fact that owen ABSOLUTELY LOVES his baby brother aiden!!! can't wait to see this friendship blossom as they grow together!!

look at this face...how could anyone not fall in love with him?!? momma's lockin the doors b/c this little man means trouble!!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

can i get an attitude check please?

today started as an off day! aiden cried EARLY!! normally, i would quickly grab him up out of bed quickly as to not wake owen or daddy, but today sleepyness won - i stayed in bed! finally after atleast an hour of aiden crying for a moment then not for several, my half awake brain came up with a great idea. this should be a lesson for me to never think on half a brain! i decided i was going to "save" owen from the cries so we all could continue to sleep until aiden was supposed to eat. i thought this as if i had actually slept in the last hour and was doing this heroic thing! well in i flew to the boys room and swooped my 'big boy' up into my arms. within a minute we were back into bed trying to snuggle into daddy for warmth. what was it that made me believe this plan would work? what was it that made me think we would suddenly all be able to sleep? within seconds, owen was popping his head up looking around the room..."shh, it's still time for night night" i told him. it didn't even seem like a minute passed before daddy had to get up...owen's curiosity grew! his eyes followed his daddy around the room as he made way to the bathroom, and then back around the room as he headed towards...no, where was he going? didn't he know of my unspoken plans? didn't he know we were supposed to sleep some more? my brain worked enough to know that if he headed out of the room, owen was surely not going to be far behind him. disappointment filled the spot where desire to sleep once lurked. sure enough, owen bounced out of bed and slid down the vacant side. he was no longer trapped and he knew it!! i must point out, that joe leaving -it was a gift! atleast in his eyes. joe is not often able to help out on those mornings i just need a couple more minutes, as he is often at work or getting ready for school. in his mind, i'm sure, he was helping out! well, the early rise seemed as though it would affect everyones attitude for the day! owen cried INSTANTLY over EVERYTHING, aiden just was having a fussy day, joe walked around frustrated that everyone was crying, and i acted as i always act when i dont get enough sleep -pouting, quick to be frustrated, wanting to take a "day off"! would this day be doomed, all before 8am? we went about our normal sunday routine -church is in afternoon so this gives us marlins a pretty relaxed time, which is rarely the case. as i walked thru the dining room, the mood quickly changed! owen, who seemed as though would have the worse day of all of us, was playing with such a huge smile on his face! (mind you, playing in the baby's bouncy seat) was it possible that he had forgotten what a terrible morning we had? amazing! we often hold onto emotions without even knowing it. while i wanted to remain sleepy and angry all day, for no apparent reason at all, my two year old reminded me that i needed to get an attitude check!


Saturday, January 17, 2009

sOmE eXpLiNaTiOn PlEaSe!

so i am learning about myself, that i don't like to use caps first off, but also that i often RUSH IN to a lot of decesions! i don't know if being young and naive plays into this, but i feel like there are several 'regrets' or 'now that i've thought thru this' statements flown around. let me give you an example...we had refinanced a while back for the purpose of fixing up the kitchen, getting a car for a growing family, etc. i found a car i had liked and researched it LOADS -i did not want to make this decesion wrong! well, we went to see the car we liked, and it really had more trouble than we wanted to work with so we went to look at some other dealerships. it was getting dark and the time was closing in! i knew that if i wanted a car, it had to be purchased!!! as if there wasn't another day. at about quarter to 5 (closing time) we stroll into the last place for the evening. there is this BIG (meets requirement for growing family), shiny (so it looks pretty, lets be honest -the first thing that attracts a girl to a car) and he, the dealer, will "give us a STEAL". how on earth could we refuse?! now my dad the mechanic is with us and i hear him (it seemed as a mouse squeak) trying to talk me down from the clouds! "these are gas guzzlers, krit" and "i heard something about these transmissions"! his efforts, FAILED. somehow within 15 min i walked into a place, found THE car i needed to have unresearched and all, had my mechanic check it out, signed papers, and drove out of there in my new BEAST! luckily, it hasn't been mechanically bad for a car and we have felt very blessed to have it...but there are many things i didn't even check because my eyes were so rose colored! there was 1 working seatbelt in the back, no working speakers, the ac didnt work, to call it a gas guzzler doesnt quite describe how much gas it uses, etc. i cant tell you how many times we have sat in the car and said, "you know, we really should have thought before buying this!" (sidenote: thanks dad for trying to keep us out of cloud 9!)
well, all that to say, i suppose i have been a fool many times in my life! what made me think to use that as my blog title though...not quite the same kind of story! five years ago, this very day, i started dating a man. and though it took him forever to give me that first kiss...it didn't take us long to know that we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together! while i know that decesion was one of the biggest i will ever make, there are NO REGRETS!!! sure, he's kinda like the car! he 'runs well' but has lots of little things -he eats EVERYTHING in sight, has the ability to wear it all too, hardly ever cleans up after himself, gets tickets like its his hobby, etc -but he's mine! (i wouldn't mind a new hobby!! j/k)
so as the king put it:

and, well, this dance is reserved for you love!